July 22, 2024

AY 23-24, here we go!

We hope you all had a great summer! We sure did. Between winning 3rd place in the unmanned division of the Society of Naval Engineers’ electric propulsion competition, successfully sending students to Madagascar to deploy low cost water sensors in the field, working on an in-flight autonomous air sampling payload for UAVs, adding in a component to the engineering design course around building ‘smart devices’ and tackling some advanced materials science research; we’ve been super busy ourselves. That said, we are super excited for the semester to begin on Wednesday!

The Makerspaces at William & Mary will open for all on Wednesday, August 30th, alongside the start of classes. Please check the calendar for hours & upcoming events and stay tuned for new developments.

As for tool changes & modifications; all systems are up and running including the 3 lasers, 20 printers, CNC router, mill & lathe, sewing and much more. Added to this, we are currently facilitizing a 4’x3′ CNC plasma cutter for use and have fine tuned some procedures around the fiber based laser engraver.

Most importantly; WE ARE HIRING! If you’re interested please apply ASAP through the “About” tab on this page.

Alright, time to build things and in so doing, build ourselves. Time for the 23-24 academic year to begin! WOOHOO!

First year entry & 3rd place finisher in the unmanned division of SNE's electric propulsion competition.

First year entry & 3rd place finisher in the unmanned division of Society of Naval Engineers’ electric propulsion competition.

On the water

Woohoo! Go TRIBE!

Some super advanced material science research underway in an Engineering, Physics & Applied Design Lab in the basement of Small Hall. (Yes, that is our VPR at left, still hands-on in some world class research!)

In Madagascar, 2 students from William & Mary (left), and their partner from Antanarivo, on a remote chat about technology.

Air sampling payload for autonomous UAV data collection.

Working on a new course module for students to gain intuition about data in ‘Smart’ devices in APSC251 Intro to Engineering Design.

Testing the engraving capability on one of the LASERs in the Makerspaces at William & Mary

CGA Speaker Series

This Friday | CGA Speaker Series | Kayla Flamm, GIS Specialist | March 31st, 1pmThe CGA Speaker Series continues with a talk from Missouri Botanical Garden’s GIS Specialist, Kayla Flamm! Kayla has over 8 years of experience in applying geospatial technology to support the Missouri Botanical Garden’s work in managing an extensive living plant collection and conducting field work in support of conservation horticulture. She has a B.A. in Geography with an emphasis in biogeography and GIS from the University of Missouri. Join us for Kayla’s talk: Supporting a Botanical Garden from the Sky: A Drone’s Eye View of Plant Conservation on Friday, March 31st  at 1:00 PM via Zoom.

On to Spring Break

The spring semester has moved so quickly and it’s almost spring break! There has been a lot of activities going on in the Makerspaces at WIlliam & Mary ranging from sewing corsets to building an autonomous race boat. As we approach spring break there are two items we want to highlight:
1. We will be closed during spring break.
2. The 3D scanning studio is now setup and operational behind the Swem Library makerspace location! Ask an MSE for details.

We hope everyone has a safe and restful break, and we’ll see you for some more awesome in the second half of the semester!

The 3D scanning studio is now open behind the Swem Library makerspace location.
An engineering, physics & applied design (Physics, EPAD) capstone group prepares the mold for making fiberglass catamaran pontoons for their autonomous race boat.
A student polishes a handmade ring in the Makerspace.
Student built FPV sUAS kit constructed during one of our Makerspace user group sessions.

Semester End

It has been quite the semester here in The Makerspaces. If you’ve been around, you’ve seen countless things get created, from the recent architectural adventures to working on concepts in autonomous boats, classwork involving 3D printed water pumps, custom solutions for research tools like the X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy system at the Applied Research Center, working on setting up a 3D scanning lab, and hosting a sUAS pilot to discuss her roles at NASA.

There’s never a dull moment around here. As we head into the winter break you’ll still see some Makerspaces activity on campus, however, it is likely to be focused on maintenance & repair as well as gearing up for the spring semester.

After December 9th, feel free to stop by to make something by appointment only and with limited staff, additionally, stay tuned for the spring semester opening of our 3D scanning lab located adjacent-behind The Makerspaces at Swem Library wherein we’ll have multiple 3D scanning options for both small and large scales.

Good luck on Finals and we hope you have a wonderful holiday season and winter break! See you in the spring!

Physics Fest!

This weekend has a lot going on, whether you’re already joining in the Homecoming activities such as the Football game or not, we think you should find some time to stop by Small Hall and join in the fun of Physics Fest from 10-3!


Conservation Research Job


Interested in advancing real-world conservation solutions? The Institute for Integrative Conservation is excited to announce that we are seeking W&M undergraduate students for the 2023 Conservation Research Program. The Program matches W&M students with external conservation partners and faculty mentors to complete interdisciplinary, applied research designed to advance real-world conservation outcomes. Starting in January 2023, students complete a research proposal in the spring, receive a stipend and travel support to complete the research over the summer, and complete a research report in the fall. Open to students pursuing all majors, we are looking for students who are eager to apply their unique talents to advance integrative conservation solutions.

We’re manufacturing!

The Makerspaces at William & Mary are open and the community is producing. Printers are running across campus, labs are doing research, LASERs are shooting photons at things, and the fall semester is well underway! Below you can see a little sign recently made on a CNC router in the makerspace center in W.J. Small Hall.

Timelapse of routing a sign in W.J. Small Hall (with a CNC ‘cheat’ procedure to correct the first engrave).
A CNC routed sign being made in Small Hall

Welcoming the ’22-’23 academic year!

Welcome back everyone! While you were away, or hadn’t yet been here, we had quite a busy summer. Between fixing equipment, setting up new stuff, helping out with the School of Educations’ Camp Launch, or aiding in the construction of new UAV payloads for environmental sensing; the Makerspaces have been quite active. That said, we are over-the-moon excited to see all of the new faces rolling into Williamsburg ready for a great year!

The Makerspaces will officially open Wednesday, August 31st, alongside the start of classes. However, as we’re almost entirely run by (the best, most awesome-est) students; it will take a few days to get our scheduling setup and posted online.

If you’re new to using the Makerspaces, here’s the basic synopsis: Log into our ticketing system (see the ‘Make an Appt.’ tab above) and request training or usage and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Don’t worry about whether you know how to use something, we’re here to help.

Welcome back, now let’s get to work.

Setting up the environmental testing UAV on the docks at the Chickahominy Boathouse, Summer ’22
A near crash while flying in autonomous mapping mode with the environmental sampling UAV.
9th Grade students in Camp Launch participated in a classic engineering challenge. Using LASER cutting systems to produce the parts themselves; they designed and constructed bridges that held over 100lbs using just 3mm acrylic (plastic)!

Summer 2022

We are here. We are making things daily.

If you’re around campus this Summer guess what? So are we! We’ve started gearing up and getting ready to help with the School of Educations’ Camp Launch July 17th-30th as well as already starting to get ready for the Fall Semester! To get ready we’re cleaning, organizing, and training! If you are around and want to learn laser cutting, embroidery, CNC machining, or anything else with which we can help then schedule a session with us in the ‘Make an Appointment’ menu link. All summer long we’ll be here but by appointment only.

Laser Cutter Training
Training on basic embroidery
William & Mary School of Education, Camp Launch July 17th-29th.