September 28, 2022


The World at 25,000x Magnification!

We hosted our first electron microscope livestream yesterday. Although there were some technical difficulties, eventually we were able to see some very interesting structures on black flies, a spider, snake skin, and zinc. Watch the live stream to see what we saw! As a reminder, the electron microscope is open for use with curricular endeavors or individuals with training as part of the Makerspaces at William & Mary. Contact us to learn more.

Drive to Subscribe

We thank you for doing your part to support the Makerspaces by subscribing to our YouTube Channel.

Did you know there are certain caps associated with YouTube accounts’ subscribers? As we drive to build a better website and offer more content including live streams, recorded how-tos, and more; we have discovered that we need to get over the first couple hurdles of having a set number of subscribers.

For example, right now we can embed recorded videos here for you to watch (like this clip of CNC milling the W&M logo for use in an injection mold):

However, we cannot embed live streams and other content from our YouTube channel until we get more subscribers. Moreover, until we get more subscribers we cannot rename the channel to something (anything) better than:

So, long and short, we thank you for doing your part to help us out by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

Building a better website (we hope)!

We’re working to setup a better looking and more friendly website experience at the Makerspaces at William & Mary. There’s a myriad of different projects in process that the current site isn’t doing it justice. Hence, time to build. That said, the service desk is operational and the makerspace student engineers are ready to help you figure out your next build!

So if you haven’t yet, make sure to start your makerspace adventures using the Service Desk button in the menu above!