October 6, 2022


Building a better website (we hope)!

We’re working to setup a better looking and more friendly website experience at the Makerspaces at William & Mary. There’s a myriad of different projects in process that the current site isn’t doing it justice. Hence, time to build. That said, the service desk is operational and the makerspace student engineers are ready to help you figure out your next build!

So if you haven’t yet, make sure to start your makerspace adventures using the Service Desk button in the menu above!

One on One Trainings Available

We are here and ready to help train and tutor. Whether you want to learn 3D design or just are looking to bounce ideas off of someone; stop by the Makerspace Service Desk at Swem Library with whichever questions you may have.

Renewing an Antique

This old printing press in the basement of Swem Library needed some love in order to be operational once again. After some disassembly, Jacob designed some replacement parts and manufactured them using the CNC lathe.

A Test Post for a New Site

We’re in the process of building a new version of the website. It may take a while, so here’s a first test post. Additionally, here’s a video showing basic CNC functionality using an Arduino Uno with a G-Shield topper and 3 stepper motors.